AlefBet Planners Ltd.

Value Driven Farm Design

Ensuring High Efficiency in Farming & Agro Industry

Alefbet Planners

 AlefBet is Israel’s leading farm design enterprise. Specializing in the design of a variety of agricultural and agro-industrial facilities, it develops detailed designs for Dairy Farms – branded as DFS (Dairy farming solutions), Feed Mills, Integrated Poultry Projects and other farming projects. Abiding by ISO-9001:2000, AlefBet applies strict quality control procedures throughout its design and planning process.

When you turn to AlefBet you benefit from:

  • Conceptual design and master plan
  • Detailed design
  • Functional & architectural design based on the latest Israeli technologies
  • Design of earth works, roads and infrastructure
  • Specifications for equipment and machinery
  • Overall supervision

AlefBet’s background is part of what makes it so unique. The company’s roots go back 70 years, when it started out as the planning department of Israel’s Kibbutz movement – an enterprise composed of Israeli agricultural and industrial communities. As a result, AlefBet’s engineers and architects have lent their expertise to numerous agricultural communities throughout Israel and worldwide.

AlefBet’s engineering teams have accumulated decades of experience in dealing with ecological issues, different types of climate, water shortage and other limited resources.