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Dairy Farm Technology and Dairy Farming Solutions by DFS

Dairy farms are no longer a small scale family operation, and while those still exist, the growing demand for milk and dairy products all over the world is pushing small farmers in to a very tight corner. We offer solutions for big industrial farms that are looking to achieve better results in their dairy farms herd management, making sure they are getting high quality and high quantity milk.

Dairy Farm Solutions – Israeli know-how

The Israeli dairy farming is known worldwide mainly for its production success. The numbers show that the quality of milk and the quantity of milk produced in Israeli dairy farms is superb. We come from that place of experience and results, and we have the credits to show for it. This is why we are considered as the leading Israeli company in dairy farm designing and solutions.

Many dairy farms in Israel have made the choice of working with our teams, and the statistics shows an ever growing trend in the industry. One of the main dairy farms ideals we follow is the concept of “Management by Exceptions”. If you are aiming at enhancing your milk productivity and your yield, our solution is the best for your farm. This management tool has been used and is still being used by dairy farms in Israel, all showing better results and a bigger yield. Contact us today to get more information about the solutions we offer in our alliance, solutions that can take your dairy farm to the next level.

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