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Starting and Managing a Dairy Farm in Africa

Before we discuss how to start and manage a dairy farm, it is worthwhile to mention why starting a dairy farm is a great financial opportunity.

Dairy Farming as a Financial Opportunity

  • As a result of rapid population growth, urbanization and increasing purchasing power, the demand for milk and milk products is constantly increasing, especially in developing countries
  • Dairy farming is a unique agricultural sector because it is not dependent on rains and production continues all year round.
  • Dairy farming does not require highly skilled labor. As a result, labor can be easily found and at a reduced price.
  • Unlike most agricultural businesses, returns of investment (ROI) in dairy farming are very short.
  • Additional income can be provided through use of by-products such as cow dung that can be used to produce biogas for cooking or as manure and compost.

Government Interest in Dairy Farms

Governments in Africa have good reasons to encourage and support the development of modern and well managed dairy farms.

The dairy sector in developing countries has a high potential for improving food security income generation, employment and welfare.

The projected growth in demand for dairy products provides attractive benefits and market opportunities for dairy industries in Africa. The benefits include income-generating opportunities for milk producers as well as rural and urban market businesses involved in processing and marketing of the milk and its products.

That is why Governments are very interested is seeing more and better dairy farms with good disease control as well as good feeding and breeding practices.

They are also interested in the development of better milk collection, transportation and storage practices. As a matter of fact governments encourage investors to invest in the establishment of modern and well managed dairy farms and milk processing facilities.

What Improvements are Needed in Dairy Farms in Africa?

Today, milk production in Africa is relatively low, despite the high potential and even the fact that most dairy farmers have good quality cows. The low productivity is attributed to inadequate feeding and management practices, poor cow health management and poor breeding management, causing long calving intervals.

Improvements of these practices, especially when supported by professional consultation and modern facilities, can greatly improve the production process in Dairy Farm.

How to start a dairy farm?

So now that we know all the benefits of starting a dairy farm in Africa, it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions:

- Do I have enough land? Even 1-2 acres of land can be enough to start.

- Where do I get feed for the cows? Good feed for the cows is essential for producing high quality food. One option is to buy the feed but that can be expensive. Another option is to grow it yourself.

-          How do I learn more about starting a dairy farm? Educate yourself: visit successful dairy farms and learn from them, read professional literature. In general collect as much information as you can.

From Concept Planning to Turn-Key Design

Dairy Farming Solutions, from ABT Planners, offers over 30 years of international dairy farm implementation experience.  If you are renovating an existing dairy farm or building from scratch, we can assist you with one or all stages, from concept to a full Turnkey solution. Our process aims to minimize errors in the short and long term – developing an enduring operation that will take into account key factors from the start.  With our global experience with dairy farming, our team can often forecast revisions to environmental or operational concerns, and address these planning stages in dairy farm.

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