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Opening a Dairy Farm

Opening a Dairy Farm – Best Use DFS

So you have decided it is time to make a dream come true and open you own dairy farm. You have reached the right place, as we offer solutions for every aspect along the way. Most people who decide to take the step and create a new dairy farm learn the different needs and issues that come along the way, and start looking for dairy farm solutions online. Our company offers exactly that service, as we walk hand in hand with you, helping you to create a successful  dairy farm with happy cows and high-yields.

Our teams have open many farms all over Israel, a country that is famous for its dairy & dairy farm production operations, where farms reach the highest yields in the world, and with uncompromising quality of dairy farm milk. We offer to walk you through all of the steps in the way to a successful farm, and harness our experience to match your needs and desires, making sure you avoid mistakes that are sometimes well hidden in a seemingly known path. We believe that working step after step being smart from day one is better than trying to rebuild dairy farm after losing, and while both options are available, when there is still time and will, we always choose to have a solid design based on our experience than building while knowing we will need to redo.

Starting a Dairy Farm – Do the Best You Can

One of the most important elements in this competitive market you are about to enter is the efficiency of your dairy farm. We come from a background of years of farming, and with the knowledge necessary to make your enterprise a successful one. We base our structure on years of field-proven experience, as our teams have installed dairy farms and milking centers in countries all over the world: India, Vietnam, Mexico, Nigeria, Spain, Romania, Russia, China, South Africa and Israel.

This level of expertise is allowing us at DFS  dairy farming solutions to ensure our clients with maximum professional results and a path to dairy farm long-term success. We are using the best equipment available, updating our gear regularly and implementing improvements designed by our own teams on regular bases, thus we are able to offer the most reliable and cost effective designs. With this kind of experience, we are able to offer you with a smooth and fast implementation of the project, and a fast return of your investment which will come based on the high efficiency of your dairy farm.

Work With the Best for Your Dairy Farm

Being backed up by a long list of worldwide successes we are able to offer you the services of the best teams available out there. The end results are known in advance, and the ability to follow and monitor every step of the way using high-end equipment and computerized systems for herd management enables us to work with the peace of mind available only for our clients.

Deciding to open your own farm and milk production line is a big decision, and taking a step on that path calls for an expert’s advice and a plan. We offer our vast experience in the field for those who desire success and an efficient plan to use their resources as best as possible. Contact us today to find out more and to get more information on how we can walk hand in hand to create your ideal dairy farm.

Opening a Dairy Farm