About DFS

AlefBet Planners Dairy Farming Solutions

We offer high-end dairy farm solutions for clients all over the world, with the technology and know-how built up from years of experience. Knowing the farmers need is only a part of the equation in the complex process of building a successful dairy farm, both in the developed world and even more so in developing countries.

The background we lean on for our successful dairy farm solutions work worldwide comes from working within farming communities in Israel, one of the leading countries in milk production. The numbers show amazing achievements over the years, and as time passed more technologies were developed for maximizing the production of milk while minimizing expanses and without losing quality.

When we talk about quality in dairy farms we are not only talking about the end product, as in the quality of the milk that is produced, but also about the quality of every part of the system. The life of the live-stock and everything around the facility is taken in to consideration while our engineers build the perfect plan for the entire production line.  We offer the highest quality dairy farming solutions.

In AlefBet Planners we aim at simplicity – as in finding the best available materials and technologies in order to bring an active farm to a new state of the art production environment, or building a farm from scratch to the point where the line is working and milk is produced. The numbers speak for us when we look at results in dairy farm field. Farms we have designed in the past are producing much better and have evolved into a production phase that has put them at the very top of the list of best Israeli for the past years on dairy farm.