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Our alliance is based on the know-how of the two highly successful dairy farm technology and architecture companies, and the numbers are there to back us up and to prove the success of our teams. Here are a few of the products we offer our clients on the technical aspects of farming:

  • Consultation – Experienced professionals to answer your questions
  • Field study – The feasibility of the enterprise and the building of a smart business plan
  • Design – The layout of the dairy farm and the detailed design
  • EPCM – Which stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, or Turn-key project services.
  • Technology – Automated milking centers and milking parlors
  • Computerized dairy management systems
  • Comprehensive dairy farm training and technical support


All these dairy farm services are offered to you by contacting us, and many farms all over Israel are using our technological solutions to help them be where they need to be – the top location in milk production and milk quality all over the world.

Dairy Farm Computerized Solutions

Managing your dairy farm has never been easier before, with statistics from every corner of the farm are all there on your screen, showing you exactly what is going on all of the time. Using the statistics from computerized services offers a wide view of your dairy farm, a view that was not available ever before. The reports that are available for you at all times using our smart tools will allow you to be on-top of your business all of the time, solving every issue as soon as possible for your dairy farm needs.

While in the past, knowing that something is going wrong with your dairy farm production was sometimes not so easy, and many times you have only learned about, for example, a disease spreading in the cow population a little bit too late, with our computerized farming solutions you get to monitor the herd as one, and each and every individual.

Dairy Farm Success Using Technology

This incredible tool of computerized systems gives you an ability to isolate and pin-point a problem before it becomes as a catastrophe, and doing it as quickly and as elegantly as possible. We use technologies that were never available before, as we developed our own management system for everything in a dairy farm, from herd management through cow comfort and all the way down the line to milking and the production of high quality milk.


Automated milking centers are not such a new concept. The trick is to find the best way of doing it while considering all of the aspects for your individual farm. Using technologies we design and promote will allow you to get better yields while using less space and thus becoming a super-efficient operation. This in time will allow you to produce the maximum amounts of milk your farm is able to produce, which is sometimes much higher than what it is able to produce right now, before you take the necessary step and hired us to help you take your farm to the place it belongs. Contact us to get more information about our technological solutions and how they can help you create a more successful dairy farm.

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