About DFS

Strong Solution

AlefBet Planners has established – DFS – Dairy Farming Solutions- that is the number one leading company for Israeli dairy farms solution. The smart solutions are known worldwide as the Israeli dairy industry which is known for its qualities in many aspects:

  • High yield
  • Quality of milk
  • Cow comfort

By using the technological solutions available in the Israeli dairy farming industry, alongside the know-how of farm designing we have managed to create a professional partnership that will serve your farm enterprise needs to the fullest.

We have gathered years of experience, getting to know every aspect of farming from the inside out. Knowing the numbers is important, yet it is not enough for knowing the business of dairy farms. As in any field, those who succeed the most are the ones who take the time and get to know the business from bottom to top, starting with the cows.

Dairy Farm Solutions – Keep Your Cows Happy

When working on a dairy farm design, there are some key elements that must be taken in to consideration. One of those key elements is the life-style of the cows, such as space and accessibility. This is an exact science, and those who know how to calculate it are bound to produce much more milk and with a higher-quality product.

The way we go about designing the farm while keeping the cows happy is based on our understanding of cows, milking and architecture of farm structures.

Lands are sometimes scarce and sometimes are just not available at all. Farms today keep their cows in-doors, not grazing in fields. What if you could minimize the need for space by using a smarter design? What if suddenly, by harnessing architecture you can allow your cows to have more space to wonder about? These ideas have proven over and over again that with the right team of designers your farm can get to a point of maximizing its product and minimizing costs, while milking the best milk possible.

Contact us now at DFS to receive more information, showing the options you have when starting a farm or while trying to push your farm to the next high level. We will provide you with all the data you need in order to make the right decisions. We have worked in the Israeli rural section and the vast experience gathered over years has lead our teams to a point where there are available ecological smart solutions for any issue that may come up along the way. Designing a professional farm is a delicate business and the decades of experience our teams have has proven to be essential for taking an idea and turning it into a successful dairy farm.