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Designing your Dairy Farm with the Experts – AlefBet

For the past 60 years, AlefBet is leading the field of planning and design in Israel. Known for its innovative ideas and solutions using creative thinking in the field of dairy farm engineering, they have managed to lead a market that is nothing but competitive, building a global recognition and a strong reputation. Over the years AlefBet was involved in numerous dairy farm projects all over Israel, and the touch of their skilled hand is to be seen all over the country, in urban development, industrial expansion and agricultural facilities. With headquarters in the city of Tel Aviv, AlefBet has offices in many different parts of the country, and thus have gained an amazingly vast experience in managing projects and designing outside dairy farm box, in different terrains and climatic conditions, from rainy cold dairy farm areas to the desserts of the country. Using this experience they are able to produce the best dairy farm plan possible considering elements that are left behind far to often, offering their clients a much more secure and hand-made solution to perfectly answer their needs. Their knowledge of design is a necessary one for those of you who are looking for building your dairy farm with a strong structure that takes into account elements that many others seem to fail seeing.

Leading Forces for the Ideal Dairy Farm

By understanding your needs we can create the best strategy for you and your farm, and take your vision towards a stable reality, helping you on every step of the way. If a dairy farm is your goal we are the team for you.