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Advanced Breeding Farms in Africa

Africa – increasing demand for milk production

According to a survey released in Nairobi Africa in 2011, global demand for milk is projected to grow by 30% over the next 10 years.

Rapid economic development, population growth, rising economies, urbanization and changes in diets in expanding urban areas of new emerging economies, including Africa, is bring about a rising demand for fresh milk and fresh milk products.

In addition, a reduction in imported dairy products due to financial constraints in Western Europe and the USA has raised the interest of many African countries in local milk production and dairy product production in order to satisfy the growing demand for milk in Africa.

Rising prices for dairy commodities and products

Analysts forecast that the global prices for fresh milk as well as milk products will rise in the next few decades due to the increasing demand, on the one hand, and the limited supply on the other hand. This gap between supply and demand, especially in developing countries, provides a great advantage and business opportunity for dairy farms in Africa.

Rising demand for high genetic cows

High quality fresh milk, milk-based beverages and natural and flavored yoghurts require high quality milk.

In order to supply the large amounts of fresh milk that these markets will demand, high genetic potential dairy cows, advanced feeding and management practices, good cow cooling systems and other means will be necessary.

Dairy cattle farmers in Africa wishing to “play” in this emerging market, will need to achieve high quality milk through high genetic merit dairy cows and advanced management and production practices in high-tech farms.

This will also require establishing modern dairy farms based on locally raised high genetic merit cows. The reason is that importing such heifers is very expensive and certain countries apply veterinary limitations on such imports.

So raising heifers for the production of high quality and fresh dairy products in high-tech farms is a great business opportunity for dairy farmers and other entrepreneurs in Africa. This is especially true due to the expected rise in demand for both high genetic potential dairy heifers and fresh milk in Africa.

The establishment of such a heifer raising farm will be based on advances reproduction and cow raising technologies developed in Israel, such as embryo transfer (ET) and the use of sexed semen.

Future milk production based on high yielding cows will serve as an economical basis for the investment necessary to activate the project, as milk sales will cover a large part of cows’ maintenance expenses especially in Africa.